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What Does a Construction Company Superintendant Do?

A construction company superintendent is someone who oversees every phase of a building project, beginning with the proposals and worker agreements and finishing with inspections and, with most cases, reports to the owners or investors. Many superintendents started out as construction workers and every now and then they help with the physical building projects. The majority of their work is organizing and managing, which makes training in business and leadership extremely valuable.

Job description
Superintendant in some ways act as the boss on a building site. As it will be their responsibility to ensure projects are finished on time, on budget, and in such a way which is not only safe but adheres to all local building codes. There is, however, a great deal of paperwork, especially when it comes to building permits and licensing materials, however, this job also calls for a great deal of personal interaction. Every superintendent will be responsible for drawing up teams and resolving any conflicts both big and little.

A superintendant’s job is generally performed whilst they are on site, so they are on hand to answer any questions which could come up. And with many cases, they will work in a temporary office, which is generally in the shape of a portable cabin or, on smaller jobs the company car.

Their presence onsite is the biggest difference between them and project managers. With every other respect these 2 professionals do have very similar duties, especially when it comes to overseeing things such as budget issues and scheduling problems, and with almost every case the 2 work together, one being on the ground and the other working in larger corporate offices. The simplest distinction is in regards to angle. Project managers will focus on what the ramifications are on a site, such as making bids and choosing the projects, the superintendent will ensure everything goes smoothly and oversees the daily execution of things.

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